An ideal plan for a fall day in a PuroBeach. Do you have a better plan?

Little by little, the summer has left us. After a fabulous season of very high temperatures, autumn is beginning to appear.

For many people who love the summer, the change of season can be a gloomy time as they won’t be able to sunbathe or dive into the sea or into the pool.  Besides, for millions of people it’s the time to get back into the routine.

No matter how much it looks like everything is going to be tedious until next summer, there are many alternatives with which to tackle this season, and some of these are really good.

One of the most interesting options is to visit a Beach Club. Even though it may seem a bit of a mad idea to you, if you visit the ones we suggest, you’ll see how you can fully enjoy your time there.

In this sense, Puro is famous throughout Spain for its luxurious Beach Clubs. These are located in various parts of the country, as well as in other countries, such as Morocco and Portugal.  

The complexes that this company has in Spain can be found in Mallorca, Illetas, Marbella, Barcelona, Alicante, Algarve and Taghazout.

Even though these places tend to be full during the summer, during the autumn season they also have a good attendance.

The autumn, particularly the months of September and October, is a time of year when the days are warm and temperatures are more than pleasant.

Perhaps it may not be the best moment to dive into the pool or the Mediterranean Sea, but the Puro Beach Clubs offer so many services that the temperature on the thermometer won’t matter so much.

Why is a Purobeach a great choice?

The Purobeach clubs are an excellent choice because of the quality of their facilities and the services they provide, which include everything from personal massages to exclusive events.

Some of the services that you commonly find at a Purobeach are:

- Free wifi.

- Dressing rooms with showers.

- Outdoor restaurants with outstanding menus.

- Bars with great cocktails.

- Luxurious facilities.

Puro sets the trend because it offers special services to its clients that you won’t find in other clubs of this kind.

For example, for body and mind relaxation, they offer yoga classes run by prominent professionals.

They also provide complete wellness services with high-quality Puro Spa treatments, all with completely natural oils.

Continuing with relaxation, in all its complexes Puro Beach Club has truly comfortable hammocks scattered around the grounds so that you can sunbathe with ease.

Also, the clubs belonging to this company have various high-quality Balinese beds for your total comfort.

Facilities at Puro include indoor shopping in all their buildings, which contain the most renowned fashion brands. They also offer all types of products so that our clients don’t need to set foot out of the club during their stay.

For an even more memorable visit, Puro Group organises various exclusive shows and parties at our Beach Clubs. They tend to have famous music artists for their different events.

As you can see, the Beach Clubs in Puro chain have everything you will need to fully enjoy your visit, even when the summer is leaving us.

The amenities at the complex are many and diverse, and the service is so sophisticated that it really doesn’t matter if you visit alone or in company, because your visit to these locations will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Sure, Summer's over. But with places like these complexes, you can have fun at practically any time of the year.

So if you want to make some perfect plans for the autumn, make a reservation at one of the Puro Beach Clubs. We look forward to seeing you in Purobeach!