Have a great holidays with our Puro Brands: Purohotel, Purobeach, Puro Spa, and Puro Music

Tourism in the modern world is showing new sustainable trends. In these stressful fast-moving times, more and more people combine their holidays with well-being and spa treatments. 

This includes little-known wellness practices that allow you to get rid of stress and worries, enjoy peace and a oneness with nature, and try out some of the best options for a healthy life.

Have a great holiday with a combination of our Puro Brands: Purohotel, Purobeach, Puro Spa, and Puro Music!

Purohotel Brand

This kind of break allows you to appreciate the unique natural landscapes of Palma de Mallorca, the identity of the local culture and to have an opportunity to heal the body. The best hotel in Palma's historic centre offers an all-inclusive service.

This is an elegant hotel, perfect for a relaxing and active holiday, where every guest will find things that they like to do at any time of the year. All thanks to the well-developed infrastructure, high-level service and wonderful natural surroundings.

A holiday at our hotel, surrounded by nature, can bring some colour back into life and fill you with new emotions. Our guests have access to a full range of wellness and entertainment services that are not available at most hotels.

Purobeach Brand

The main secret of relaxation is that the closer you get to the sea the more pleasures await you, especially at our Purobeach Brand oasis.

After all, we all know that when walking along the beach "breathing the fresh sea air", we might also accidentally wander into a restaurant with delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

At our seaside Beach Clubs, you will not only enjoy the maritime scenery, but also watch the sunset, escape from the outside world, watch the horizon merge with the ocean and, of course, simply have a good time.

We will warn you that a walk by the sea improves not only a sense of beauty, but also the appetite. Test this out at our Purobeach Brand oases.

Puro Spa Brand

You can immerse yourself in our Puro Spa Brand treatments and programmes at some of the best spa hotels in the world and the most modern spa centres in the Mediterranean region.

These are unique, and are defined according to the specific characteristics of your body, mind and consciousness. The Puro Spa brand is dedicated to spa vacations and luxury hotels that provide prestigious first-class spa services.

Puro Music Brand

There are numerous music clubs, bars and discos offering great nights out, which are suitable for people of all ages. But the Puro Music Brand goes well beyond that, accompanying you throughout the day, from breakfast until you return to your room at night.

Traditional beach dance nights, concerts and live music are just some of the entertainment options for the whole family. It's wonderful to relax without having to think about anything. The rhythm of the music is all you need.

The music is excellent and the all-inclusive service allows you to enjoy the local rhythms as much as you want. The sea, excellent service, entertainment and meals all in one, are the key to a successful holiday. The Puro Brand is famous for all this. We know what tourists need and we successfully make use the decades of experience we have acquired to provide it.