The Purobeach Experience, taken to a new level

Have you heard about the Puro Experiencer? It’s a totally unique, innovative concept created by Puro Group and, this year, it’ll be its debut at the new Purobeach Denia.

What is the Puro Experiencer?

Last month this novel brand concept was launched under the name of the “Puro Experiencer”, which really refers to someone charismatic that wants to show the most authentic Purobeach experience to a wider audience.

To kick off the idea with a blast, Puro Group has decided to try it out first at the newly launched Purobeach Denia. This way, the Puro Experiencer will have to ensure that all that’s offered at the beach club is completely up to standard (and beyond)!

What will the Puro Experiencer do?

From the month of July onwards, at Purobeach Denia, the Puro Experiencer will be the person in charge of trying out absolutely everything, from the Bali Beds to the pool or the creative delicacies of the Chef. Everything should be spectacular, and the Puro Experiencer will share beautiful content about these services, moments and experiences over on social media (both on their own account and those of Purobeach Denia).

Of course, the Puro Experiencer will also be present at all the popular parties, themed nights and events at Purobeach Denia, having the best time and sharing photos and videos with the entire world online. At least this way they’ll also get to live the Puro experience in a digital format. After seeing the lively atmosphere, we’re sure they’ll want to be there in first person next time.

What will the Puro Experiencer in Denia be like?

The new team member at Purobeach Denia will take up the super new role of a “Puro Experiencer” (the first in history). They must be over the age of 18 and live, if possible, either in Valencia or Alicante to speed up processes. However, that’s not the most important aspect of it all, but fitting in the profile of a Puro Nomad is. During the entire Summer season, the Puro Experiencer will be seen at the famous beach club between two to three days per week.

Being a Puro Nomad, the key to everything

Undoubtedly, the Puro Experiencer must be a Puro Nomad. But, what is that exactly? In essence, a Puro Nomad must love meeting new people, discovering new things and travelling. They’ll most probably also speak more than one language, and have lots and lots of things to talk about. the Puro Nomad loves art, beauty, culture, music and gastronomy. And yes, they absolutely kill it on social media (but they also know when to unplug and relax).

Purobeach Denia

International gastronomy, signature cocktails, the most select Puro MUSIC, comfy Bali beds, a pool, and relaxing Puro SPA treatments. Purobeach Denia was launched this very summer season, in June, which means that if you visit during these next months you’ll enjoy an exquisite and refreshing welcome drink upon arrival.

The new beach club, located in the Les Deveses beach in Alicante, has already become the fourth “Oasis del Mar” of Puro Group in the Mediterranean coast. The beach club offers the possibility to take the #puroexperience to the next level, now more than ever with the new Puro Experiencer.