Discover the best places to enjoy this foodie trend

The glorious foodie trend of the brunch came into our lives a few years ago, but it certainly isn’t just a fad that has lost interest with time, rather the contrary. Going out for brunch has become an idyllic plan that, every day, more and more people like to enjoy during their travels around the world. Since we know how important a delicious Mediterranean brunch is nowadays, and as a result offer this experience in most of our centres and beach clubs, today we’re also going to tell you which are the best brunch spots in the Mediterranean.

So, what exactly is brunch?

A late breakfast, an early lunch, a great big snack at midday… brunch can be classified as many things that, initially, are considered to be normal or acceptable during a certain time of day. As you probably already know, “brunch” is an English word made up from the words breakfast and lunch. Therefore, brunch is a time to enjoy tasty food anytime between breakfast and lunchtime.

What’s in a brunch?

Normally, a brunch has both sweet and savoury dishes. In the sweet section, you can commonly find all sorts of yummy jams, pancakes, waffles, porridge with fresh fruit and toppings, fruit salads or smoothie and açai bowls. Moving onto the savoury side of things, you can normally indulge in the popular sourdough toast with eggs benedict, all sorts of dishes with avocado and bacon, healthy slices of bread, hummus or vegetable crudietés, for example.

There aren’t many restrictions when it comes to drinks either. In a brunch, you can enjoy from tea or coffee to a fruit smoothie or one of the brunch classics: a mimosa, bloody mary or Bellini cocktail.

The best brunch in Palma, Mallorca

Now that you know what brunch is, you must try the one at Purobeach Palma, the best beach club in the capital city of Mallorca island, in Spain. Sweet and savoury treats, as well as select music from both resident and Puro Music DJs, all unite together to create the best healthy brunch experience by the Mediterranean Sea.

Plus, if you want to take it even further and enjoy not only brunch but a wellness experience too, the Palma beach club also offers additional packs:

- Brunch + Spa: 60€ / person, includes brunch and a 20-minute massage

- Brunch + Hamacas: 75€ / person

When? Sunday, from 10:00 Hrs to 13:00 Hrs

Where? Purobeach Palma, Mallorca

How? Check out the Let’s Brunch Experience and book online or, if you prefer, call on the phone number provided on the website.

Sunday Brunch in Vilamoura, Portugal

Sundays in Portugal are ideal to indulge in a brunch at the marvellous Purobeach Vilamoura. If you plan on visiting the beautiful portuguese town, we promise there’s no better way to start the most relaxing day of the week than with a succulent brunch by the sea. Imagine enjoying a complete, healthy buffet along with your travel buddies, in a Mediterranean environment right in the Vilamoura marina and with the best Puro DJs in the background.

When? Sunday

Where? Purobeach Vilamoura, Portugal

How? Take a look at the Sunday Brunch Experience and book online, call on the phone number provided or write to

Mediterranean brunch in Illetas, Mallorca

The thing is, brunches aren’t made for Sundays only. That’s a lie. At Purobeach Illetas they know that, and so brunch is held every Saturday right by the sea, with a grand healthy buffet and music.

Whether you’re on holiday in Mallorca or a local resident, enjoying brunch at the Illetas beach club is a magical experience that you must share with family, friends or partner. Imagine biting into the most delicious sweet and savoury treats with the Mediterranean Sea as the backdrop and the best music from Puro Music DJs. All that magic, for just 32€.

The brunch buffet at Purobeach Illetas includes:

- Drinks: juice, coffee, aromatic waters and a glass of cava

- Nuts and cereal, yoghurt and homemade muesli with chocolate

- A selection of bread, Iberian ham and Italian Mortadella

- Eggs Benedict with kale and bacon

- Avocado with cheese, fresh Italian burrata, and typical aubergine and peppers “coca”

- Croissant, butter, jams, fresh fruit and carob Nutella

If you prefer, there are also other brunch packages available:

- Brunch + Sunbeds: 70€ / person from the 01/04 to 30/05, and from the 02/09 to 03/11

- Brunch + Sunbeds: 80€ / person from the 31/05 to 01/09

When? Every Saturday, from 10:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs

Where? Purobeach Illetas, Mallorca

How? Take a look at the Let’s Brunch Experience and book online, call the phone number provided or write to